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Pushkin House - Bitov, Andrei
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Bitov, Andrei:

Pushkin House - Paperback

ISBN: 9781565782006

ID: 90269744

Dalkey Archive. Trade paperback, Translated from the Russian. Yes, here at Ziesing central we’ve begun an all-out effort to mine the high-grade ore of foreign fiction. Take a walk down these shafts. “Thought the novel’s focus is a love affair between Lyova and Faina, the novel’s true subject is an investigation of the corruption of Soviet intellectual life and history.” Compared to Nabokov. A parody and satire examining the stifling Russian society and it’s interesting literary tradition., Dalkey Archive

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Details of the book

Bitov, Andrei


Pushkin House



Details of the book - Pushkin House

EAN (ISBN-13): 9781565782006
ISBN (ISBN-10): 1565782003
Publisher: Dalkey Archive

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ISBN/EAN: 9781565782006

ISBN - alternate spelling:
1-56578-200-3, 978-1-56578-200-6

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