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In Black In White (Alicia Friend, #2) - A. D. Davies
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A. D. Davies:

In Black In White (Alicia Friend, #2) - new book

ISBN: 9781507084847

ID: 126422857

Meet Detective Sergeant Alicia Friend: cop, analyst, cutie-pie.She knows she can be irritating to have around at first but, when given a chance, all her colleagues fall in love with her. She can´t explain it, but it´s how she works, how she gets her best results. And it is exactly how she must work when a British diplomat is murdered on US soil, and the UK Ambassador orders her to observe the FBI´s investigation.Soon, the murders expand to encompass a wider victim profile, each confessing their politically-motivated lies on camera, and Alicia shows why her superiors overlook her quirks, and consider her one of the best minds in her field.Drafting in her old partner, Alicia imposes her personality on the investigation, and expands the focus from a politically-charged arena to the madness of a psychopath who cannot seem to stop.In Black In White reunites popular characters from His First His Second, and can be read as either a sequel for fans of the series, or a stand-alone for newcomers. Recommended for fans of James Patterson, Karin Slaughter and PJ Tracy. In Black In White (Alicia Friend, #2) eBook eBooks>Fremdsprachige eBooks>Englische eBooks>Krimis & Thriller>Krimis & Thriller, A. D. Davies

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