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Secrets Of Motivation - Adrian Furnham
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Adrian Furnham:

Secrets Of Motivation - new book

ISBN: 9781483512501

Why do we need motivated employees? The answer is survival. All managers want to know the secret of how to motivate employees. They know this ensures not only survival in a changing world but also serious productivity and progress. Motivating employees is perhaps the single most important function of management. And it is not that simple. Many myths and traps exist about motivation. Increasing money can decrease motivation. Older workers have different motivational factors than younger workers. Culture too plays a part. Of all the functions a manager performs, motivating staff is arguably the most complex. Understand how to engage and motivate all your workers and you are guaranteed success. The Secrets of Motivation, by Prof. Adrian Furnham, may be the most important business book you will ever read. The 18 Chapters contain ideas, insights and inspiration on the vital subject of; motivation, employee motivation and self-motivation. Including; What Makes People 'Tick'? The Theory of Motivation Understanding the Role of Money as a Motivator Tips and Techniques to Motivate EmployeesThe topic of motivation is of most interest to people at work. Managers want to get the best and the most out of their people. They want to know how best to motivate them to be happy, healthy and productive people at work. It is the topic that fascinates and frustrates many business people particularly when they find their staff have very different motives from them. The thing that is most difficult to understand about anybody is what really motivates them?Read on, and get answers to these all important questions eBooks Secrets Of Motivation~~EBook~~9781483512501~~Adrian Furnham Secrets Of Motivation

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Secrets of Motivation - Furnham,  Adrian
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Furnham, Adrian:

Secrets of Motivation - new book

ISBN: 9781483512501

ID: 9781483512501

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