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GCSE Learning for Life and Work for CCEA
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GCSE Learning for Life and Work for CCEA - new book

ISBN: 9781444153279

ID: 9781444153279

Enodrsed by CCEA, GCSE Learning for Life and Work for CCEA has been designed specifically for the CCEA Learning for Life and Work GCSE specification. It gives students an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the course content and develops the skills they need through a variety of activities which engage the students with the text and visual sources. It has been written by practising heads of department who have been involved with the development of the specification and who, as a consequence, understand the needs of the learner studying this course.The book is divided into the three main sections of Local and Global Citizenship, Personal Development and Employability and then into a series of chapters which:- help students to focus on the main points they need to learn through highlighting the learning outcomes from the specification and structuring the content around these- give students the opportunity to develop the skills they need through a variety of activity types- encourage students to understand weltbild.at > eBooks > Kinder & Jugend > Kinderbücher

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