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Cosmic Function Points
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Cosmic Function Points - new book

ISBN: 9781439844878

Designed to conform to the ISO/IEC standard 14143, the Common Software Measurement International Consortium (COSMIC) Function Point method has become the major estimation technique based on international standards for building software-intensive systems. COSMIC Function Points: Theory and Advanced Practices supplies a cutting-edge look at current and emerging practices in the international software measurement community. The editors have assembled an international panel of experts who detail the steps for measuring the functional size of software and developing project estimates with improved accuracy. They explain how to evaluate and compare systems to improve software reuse and development. Touching on the essential aspects of the next generation of functional size measurement methods, the book delineates best estimation and measurement practices as well as the development of benchmarks for quality improvement, including Six Sigma. This complete resource covers software measurement and estimation methods and practices for embedded systems, business applications, communications software, and control systems. Each chapter supplies the practical understanding required to create, implement, standardize, distribute, and adapt functional size measurement and project estimation to virtually any software context. Praise for: an excellent overview provides a strong knowledge background for both practitioners and researchers. With its broad background, it is useful for practically implementing and successfully adapting other functional sizing methods. The COSMIC function point techniques presented in this book will help you to implement, master, and improve your estimation process-Christof Ebert, Managing Director, Vector Consulting Services eBooks Computing~~Computer Programming/Software Development~~Software Engineering Cosmic Function Points~~EBook~~9781439844878~~Reiner Dumke, Alain Abran Cosmic Function Points

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COSMIC Function Points - Solate, Jeffrey T.
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Solate, Jeffrey T.:

COSMIC Function Points - new book

ISBN: 9781439844878

ID: 9781439844878


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