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The Nuclear Winter Man - Terry Deary
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Terry Deary:

The Nuclear Winter Man - new book

ISBN: 9780753458273

Fact or fiction? You decide! Classifieds blend a fictional account with fact files, biographies, statements from witnesses, and debriefings,Äîallowing readers to make up their own minds about intriguing unsolved mysteries. Access to classified docu-ments will help unravel the mysteries behind the most intriguing events of recent times. Outspoken scientist Vladi-mir Valentinovich Alexan-drov disappeared in April 1985 during a scientific conference in Spain. Were his theories about nuclear winter so accurate that the CIA want to dispose of him? Young KGB officer Ilya Piankoff investigates the case and learns how high the stakes are. Terry Deary, Books, The Nuclear Winter Man Books

New book [USA] Indigo.ca
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Details of the book
The Nuclear Winter Man (Classified)

Terry Deary


The Nuclear Winter Man (Classified)



Details of the book - The Nuclear Winter Man (Classified)

EAN (ISBN-13): 9780753458273
ISBN (ISBN-10): 0753458276
Publisher: Kingfisher

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ISBN/EAN: 9780753458273

ISBN - alternate spelling:
0-7534-5827-6, 978-0-7534-5827-3

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