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The Hot Flash Club - Nancy Thayer
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Nancy Thayer:

The Hot Flash Club - Paperback

2005, ISBN: 0749935359

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Paperback, [PD: 24/03/2005], [PU: Piatkus Books], Seiten: 336, [ED: New edition], Meet Faye, Marilyn, Alice, and Shirley. The four founding members of the Hot Flash Club, where the topics of motherhood, sex and men are discussed with double servings of chocolate cake...Faye is an artist and a determinedly cheerful widow. Now she's got a tricky problem to bring to the club's table: how can they catch her perfect son-in-law cheating on her daughter? Shirley is a healer. Though her yoga-slender body belie her years, dating one too many losers and the strain of being broke make her feel her age. Shirley has a secret dream: to own a spa. But first she needs to believe in herself, in her abilities, and in her friends at the club. Marilyn is a palaeontologist who has spent so many years looking at dried-up fossils, she feels she's in danger of becoming one herself. Worried that her son is about to marry the wrong woman, she gets some help from her friends, who transform her from a caterpillar to a butterfly...Alice, the executive, has soared to the top of the corporate ladder. Now her shoes are killing her and the younger jackals are circling in for the kill. But as the inspiration behind the Hot Flash Club, she's about to discover something extraordinary: contentment. From the bestselling author of Between Husbands and Friends and Custody, comes a wise, wonderful and hilarious coming of (middle) age novel about four intrepid women - ready to face the best years of their lives.

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The Hot Flash Club - Thayer, Nancy
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Thayer, Nancy:

The Hot Flash Club - Paperback

ISBN: 9780749935351

ID: 533423769

Paperback. Very Good.

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Details of the book
The Hot Flash Club

Nancy Thayer


The Hot Flash Club



A wise and witty story about four intrepid middle aged women, who start up the hot flash club.

Details of the book - The Hot Flash Club

EAN (ISBN-13): 9780749935351
ISBN (ISBN-10): 0749935359
Publishing year: 2005

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ISBN/EAN: 9780749935351

ISBN - alternate spelling:
0-7499-3535-9, 978-0-7499-3535-1

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