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Hilaire Belloc - A. N Wilson
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A. N Wilson:

Hilaire Belloc - used book

ISBN: 0689114400

ID: 4170747

Controversy and colour enveloped Hilaire Belloc as completely as the black cloak he habitually wore. He was quarrelsome and his literary feuds were as garguantuan as his friendships were profound and throughout his sense of humour always prevailed. Born in France, Belloc served in the French army when he was 18 and, pursuing the woman he loved, he walked to Los Angeles from New York just before going up to Oxford. He quickly made a reputation with his novels, essays and poems, but it is for his flamboyant way of living, which reads like a novel that he will be remembered. Having had full access to all the Belloc archives, A.N. Wilson gives an unprecedented view of Belloc's married life, his friendships, and the movement of mind in this biography. biographies,literary,literature and fiction Biographies, Atheneum

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Hilaire Belloc

A. N Wilson


Hilaire Belloc



Details of the book - Hilaire Belloc

EAN (ISBN-13): 9780689114403
ISBN (ISBN-10): 0689114400
Publisher: Atheneum

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ISBN/EAN: 9780689114403

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