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The Germans Who Never Lost - Hoyt, Edwin P.
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Hoyt, Edwin P.:

The Germans Who Never Lost - Paperback

1977, ISBN: 9780427003020

ID: 854107798

UK: Tattoo, 1977. Mass Market Paperback . Very Good. 4" x 7.25. p/b 239 pages, condition is very good. The Konigsberg, one of Germany's light cruisers which harried Allied commercial shipping during World War I, left port in 1914 for a raiding life around the African coast. A year later, trapped in the Rufiji Delta, Konigsberg was shelled and sunk. But her crew, and their ten 105-mm guns, got ashore. "The Konigsberg is destroyed but not beaten," Captain Max Looff reported. It was the beginning of a three year running fight through East Africa. Hauling their precious guns over impossible terrain, cut off from home bases and supplies, and crippled with disease, Looff and his men acted as guerillas and assault troops, defeating British forces far larger and better supplied than themselves. When the Armistice was announced, only fifteen of Konigsberg's men were left, and one gun. But they had established a modern legend., Tattoo, 1977

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Details of the book

Edwin P. Hoyt


The Germans Who Never Lost



Details of the book - The Germans Who Never Lost

EAN (ISBN-13): 9780427003020
ISBN (ISBN-10): 0427003024
Publishing year: 1977
Publisher: Tattoo

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ISBN/EAN: 9780427003020

ISBN - alternate spelling:
0-427-00302-4, 978-0-427-00302-0

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