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Feminism and Epistemology - Phyllis Rooney
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Phyllis Rooney:

Feminism and Epistemology - new book

ISBN: 9780415266604

Feminist Epistemology is the area of feminist philosophy that deals specifically with questions about the nature of knowledge. It draws attention to the fact that, historically, women have been excluded or discouraged from what were typically recognized as the important areas or disciplines of knowledge, particularly in academic institutions. It examines whether the exclusion of women from various knowledge communitieshas had an impact on the subject as a whole and looks at the ways in whichfeminist epistemology connects with ongoing central concerns within the tradition. Phyllis Rooney introduces and assesses the main developments, issues, and contentions that have come out of this major topic within philosophy and examines the ways in which the subject has been enriched interms of the feminist evaluation. Her style is exceptionally clear and thebook will serve anyone doing a course in epistemology or feminist philosophy. Phyllis Rooney, Books, Religion and Spirituality, Feminism and Epistemology Books>Religion and Spirituality

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Details of the book
Feminism and Epistemology

Phyllis Rooney


Feminism and Epistemology



Details of the book - Feminism and Epistemology

EAN (ISBN-13): 9780415266604
ISBN (ISBN-10): 0415266602
Publisher: Routledge

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ISBN/EAN: 9780415266604

ISBN - alternate spelling:
0-415-26660-2, 978-0-415-26660-4

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