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Traitor's Daughter - Makepeace, Joanna
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Makepeace, Joanna:

Traitor's Daughter - new book

ISBN: 9780373304257

Enemy or lover? As a supporter of the late king, Richard III, Lady Philippa's father is a wanted man, a traitor to the crown. While visiting her dying grandfather in Wales, she fears for her life when she is recognized by Sir Rhys Griffith, a knight and supporter of the present king. Lady Philippa knows that at any moment Sir Rhys could have her father arrested and thrown in the Tower for treason. Yet he seems a man of honor, a man who has appointed himself her protector. Could it be he seeks her father for quite a different reason to ask for her hand in marriage? Fiction Fiction eBook

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Details of the book
Traitor's Daughter

Makepeace, Joanna


Traitor's Daughter



Details of the book - Traitor's Daughter

EAN (ISBN-13): 9780373304257
ISBN (ISBN-10): 0373304250
Publisher: Harlequin

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ISBN/EAN: 9780373304257

ISBN - alternate spelling:
0-373-30425-0, 978-0-373-30425-7

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