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My Lady's Choice - Stone, Lyn
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Stone, Lyn:

My Lady's Choice - new book

ISBN: 9780373291113

SHE'D SAVED HIS LIFE AND NOW SHE OWNED HIM! Lady Sara Fernstowe claimed as her due marriage with Richard Strode, the knight she'd rescued from death's icy embrace. For surely this marvel of a man could look past her scars to her warrior's heart and create both their lives anew! RICHARD AWOKE MARRIED TO A STRANGER and under royal command to stay that way! But 'twould be a marriage in name only, he swore. Though could he keep such a vow when his own pulsing desire marked Sara of Fernstowe the most valorous, exotic woman in England? Fiction Fiction eBook

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Details of the book
My Lady's Choice

Stone, Lyn


My Lady's Choice



Details of the book - My Lady's Choice

EAN (ISBN-13): 9780373291113
ISBN (ISBN-10): 0373291116
Publisher: Harlequin

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ISBN/EAN: 9780373291113

ISBN - alternate spelling:
0-373-29111-6, 978-0-373-29111-3

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