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Last Crawford Bachelor - Christenberry, Judy
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Christenberry, Judy:

Last Crawford Bachelor - new book

ISBN: 9780373197156

In Michael Crawford's "Five Year Plan," ' marriage came dead last. Even if he wanted a wife, it wouldn't be the slender blonde who arrived at the Circle K claiming to be the long. lost granddaughter of the late childless owner. 'Though Michael suspected Dani Langston of staking an unfounded claim on his loved ones, 'her blue-eyed innocence won over his family. ^ Like a saddled bronco he suddenly found himself a roommate, a co-workerand a pretend fiance! Dani's fire-andice personality knocked the confident Mr. Crawford off balance. One minute he wanted to kiss her, the next, run and save his hide. But the Crawford family "Cupids" had their own ideas. Fiction Fiction eBook

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Details of the book
Last Crawford Bachelor

Christenberry, Judy


Last Crawford Bachelor



Details of the book - Last Crawford Bachelor

EAN (ISBN-13): 9780373197156
ISBN (ISBN-10): 0373197152
Publisher: Harlequin

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ISBN/EAN: 9780373197156

ISBN - alternate spelling:
0-373-19715-2, 978-0-373-19715-6

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