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Peter and The church: An Examination of Cullmann's Thesis - Karrer, Otto
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Karrer, Otto:

Peter and The church: An Examination of Cullmann's Thesis - Paperback

1970, ISBN: 9780223294585

ID: 172635473

Burns & Oates, 1970. CONTENTS: PETER AND THE CHURCH: Primacy of Petere; Problem of apostolic succession; THE CULLMANN THESIS: Peter was primus only during the early days, and was succeeded by James; a Biblical proof; Post-apostolic evidence; The Catholic idea of apostolic succession is not adequately supported; CRITICAL APPRAISAL: Was Peter replaced in the leadership by James after a few years?; The Biblical meaning of apostolic succession; Did Jesus and his apostles envisage the apostolic succession for the future?; Are there other ways of transferring authority?; The Petrine succession; Bible and Apostolic Church as sources; How to explain the historical translation from Jerusalem to Rome; Peter in Rome and his successors as supreme pastors of the Church. 142pp. Third Impression. Paperback. Good. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall., Burns & Oates, 1970

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Details of the book

Karrer, Otto


Peter and The church: An Examination of Cullmann&#39;s Thesis



Details of the book - Peter and The church: An Examination of Cullmann's Thesis

EAN (ISBN-13): 9780223294585
ISBN (ISBN-10): 0223294586
Publishing year: 1970

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ISBN/EAN: 9780223294585

ISBN - alternate spelling:
0-223-29458-6, 978-0-223-29458-5

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