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Exciplex - Gordon, M.
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Gordon, M.:

Exciplex - new book

ISBN: 9780122906503

The Exciplex contains the proceedings of the International Exciplex Conference held at the University of Western Ontario, on May 28-31, 1974. The papers explore various aspects of exciplex behavior and cover topics ranging from singlet- and triplet-state exciplexes to the photophysics of aromatic excimers. Electron-transfer reactions in multicomponent systems are also considered, along with intramolecular triplet-state charge-transfer interactions in aminoketones. Comprised of 15 chapters, this book opens with an overview of the photochemistry of excimers and exciplexes, followed by a discussion on singlet- and triplet-state exciplexes and the photophysics of aromatic excimers. Experimental results on intersystem crossing and ionic recombination processes are then presented, and electronic structures as well as dynamical behavior of some exciplex systems are described. The next chapters focus on excimers of hydrogen and acetone; complexes of dipolar excited states and small polar molecules; electron transfer and exciplex formation from triplet states of anthracene and metalloporphyrins; and exciplexes in electrogenerated chemiluminescence. The final chapter is devoted to intramolecular triplet-state charge-transfer interactions in aminoketones. This monograph will be of interest to chemists and physicists. Science Science eBook

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Gordon, M.





Details of the book - Exciplex

EAN (ISBN-13): 9780122906503
ISBN (ISBN-10): 0122906500
Publisher: Elsevier Science

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ISBN/EAN: 9780122906503

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