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Gardening In The Middle East - Elaine Mccullagh Moore
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Elaine Mccullagh Moore:

Gardening In The Middle East - new book

ISBN: 9781900988865

This book is for the amateur gardener as much as it is for the professional horticulturist wherever they may be in the Middle East--from Egypt and Sudan on the edge of Africa to Jordan in the Levant and down to Saudi Arabia, Oman, UAE and the rest of the Gulf. Eric Moore is an American Horticulturalist with many years experience of landscaping. Elaine Mccullagh Moore, Books, Travel, Gardening In The Middle East Books>Travel

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Details of the book
Gardening In The Middle East

Elaine Mccullagh Moore


Gardening In The Middle East



Details of the book - Gardening In The Middle East

EAN (ISBN-13): 9781900988865
ISBN (ISBN-10): 1900988860
Publisher: Interlink Books

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ISBN/EAN: 1900988860

ISBN - alternate spelling:
1-900988-86-0, 978-1-900988-86-5

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