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Success Gems: Your Personal Motivational Success Guide - Jewel Diamond Taylor
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Jewel Diamond Taylor:

Success Gems: Your Personal Motivational Success Guide - used book

ISBN: 1884743013

ID: 4326523

Critics currently are heralding the new expanded edition of Jewel Diamond Taylor's classic, Success Gems Your Personal Motivational Success Guide. Motivational Extraordinaire and Success Coach Jewel Diamond Taylor is a shining light capturing a growing audience eager for her sassy, tell-it-like-it-is advice to help them grow into the magnificent beings they were created to be. The expanded edition, with a foreword by Iyanla Vanzant, contains ten new essays including: Before You Get Married; 10 Steps for Success; Seek Progress, Not Perfection; Find Your Zone; Is Your Life Out of Balance? You'll enjoy reading the classic essays, "The main thing is to keep The Main Thing, THE MAIN THING; Shift Happens; Stop Sitting On Your Assets" and others. Success Gems is a motivational jewelry box filled with gems of knowledge, quotes, poems, and affirmations. It speaks to us with kind words and fulfilling images that are easy to read, understand and keep with you throughout the day. It's perfect for the person who needs uplifting in the morning or a final thought before bedtime. It's a pep talk from an encouraging friend who wants you to visualize and grab hold of the success that we all are looking for. health fitness and dieting,motivational,personal transformation,self-help,success Self-Help, Quiet Time Pub

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Details of the book
Success Gems

Taylor, Jewel Diamond


Success Gems



Details of the book - Success Gems

ISBN (ISBN-10): 1884743013
Publisher: Quiet Time Pub

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ISBN/EAN: 1884743013

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