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The Seven Voices - Lisa Samuels
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Lisa Samuels:

The Seven Voices - Paperback

ISBN: 1882022327

ID: 6678923396

[EAN: 9781882022328], Neubuch, [PU: O Books], Poetry|General, Poetry. "In THE SEVEN VOICES, 'each poem is an abstract correlative of a subjective experience, a "refraction journal." Everything means exactly what it says.' Lisa Samuels writes as if basing language on something it is not; or as if (all) language, having no content, makes the motions of something else. So she deliberately voids the language as a daring means of creating an alternate that isn't in language as if outside by being the same as language. The writing shapes 'A tonal synchrony' in which the senses can correspond to something else (rather than to that synchrony). This correspondence occurs awkwardly by 'inaccommodation with the very shape.' Yet the synchrony holds so that 'that singularity is a violation of perspective.' She says about THE SEVEN VOICES, 'The title arises from Gnostic mysticism: the voices are angelic entities inhabiting the Treasury of Light. Apparently there are seven voices.' And 'nothing that happens is possible, so continuity and destructuring coexist across the falls.'"?Leslie Scalapino 88pp.

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Lisa Samuels


The Seven Voices



Details of the book - The Seven Voices

ISBN (ISBN-10): 1882022327

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