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Ju-Jitsu Cards (Martial Art Basics) - Kevin Pell
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Kevin Pell:

Ju-Jitsu Cards (Martial Art Basics) - Paperback

ISBN: 1859061664

[SR: 175704], Paperback, [EAN: 9781859061664], Connections Book Publishing Ltd, Connections Book Publishing Ltd, Book, [PU: Connections Book Publishing Ltd], Connections Book Publishing Ltd, 279379, Martial Arts, 279380, Aikido, 279382, Judo, 279383, Karate, 279385, T'ai Chi, 279384, Tae Kwon Do, 279375, Combat Sports & Self-Defence, 55, Sports, Hobbies & Games, 1025612, Subjects, 266239, Books

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Details of the book
Ju-Jitsu Cards (Martial Art Basics)

Kevin Pell


Ju-Jitsu Cards (Martial Art Basics)



The Martial Art Basic packs are designed to provide clear, expert advice for both beginners and more experienced enthusiasts of the fastest-growing arts. Ju-Jitsu is a no-nonsense 'grappling' art that evolved as a self-defence system to neutralise an attacker with minimum force. The aim of Ju-Jitsu is to distract your opponent, get them on the floor in the shortest possible time, and immobilise them with a lock or hold. The unique fold-out card instruction sequences cover 40 techniques and demonstrate and explain every move. The booklet covers the history and philosophy of Ju-Jitsu, and what to expect inside the dojo.

Details of the book - Ju-Jitsu Cards (Martial Art Basics)

EAN (ISBN-13): 9781859061664
ISBN (ISBN-10): 1859061664

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ISBN/EAN: 1859061664

ISBN - alternate spelling:
1-85906-166-4, 978-1-85906-166-4

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