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Win at Spades Advanced - Andrews, Joseph D.
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Andrews, Joseph D.:

Win at Spades Advanced - new book

ISBN: 9781566251181

Higher level competition demands an understanding of advanced techniques. Joe Andrews now digs in and teaches the finer points of the game to the experienced player. Among the topics: advanced bidding strategies, play of hand, partnership conventions, aggressive defense, protecting your parter's "nil" bids, "bagging" opponents, duplicating Spades techniques, and individual games for three and four players. More than 20 popular and interesting variations of Spades are also described and assessed. Included are: "Suicide", "Homicide", "Mirrors", "Joker", and "Reverse". A special section lists popular Internet sites. Win at Spades Advanced Andrews, Joseph D.

New book [USA] Betterworldbooks.com
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