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Earth-Cybertech Sourcebook (Two Thousand Three Hundred Ad Series) - Lester Smith
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Lester Smith:

Earth-Cybertech Sourcebook (Two Thousand Three Hundred Ad Series) - Paperback

ISBN: 1558780149

[SR: 1412755], Taschenbuch, [EAN: 9781558780149], Game Designers Workshop, Game Designers Workshop, Book, [PU: Game Designers Workshop], Game Designers Workshop, 54071011, Genres, 60447011, Architektur, Technik & Ingenieurswesen, 66034011, Belletristik, 56797011, Biografien & Erinnerungen, 58173011, Business, Karriere & Geld, 65981011, Comics, Mangas & Graphic Novels, 62991011, Computer & Internet, 54072011, Eltern & Familie, 56047011, Fachbücher, 57127011, Fantasy & Science Fiction, 65677011, Freizeit, Haus & Garten, 65140011, Geschichte, 64617011, Gesundheit, Geist & Körper, 59283011, Jugendbücher, 53817011, Kalender, 61180011, Kinderbücher, 64085011, Kochen & Genießen, 68333011, Krimis & Thriller, 59670011, Kunst & Fotografie, 54127011, Lernen & Nachschlagen, 55555011, Liebesromane & -erzählungen, 56535011, Medizin, 53965011, Musiknoten, 65108011, Outdoor, Umwelt & Natur, 63925011, Recht, 58645011, Reise & Abenteuer, 54682011, Religion & Esoterik, 69028011, Sachbücher, 65636011, Schwul & Lesbisch, 58390011, Sport & Fitness, 64226011, Unterhaltung & Kultur, 52044011, Fremdsprachige Bücher, 208623031, Taschenbuch, 208621031, Format (binding_browse-bin), 366250011, Refinements, 52044011, Fremdsprachige Bücher

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Earth-Cybertech Sourcebook (2300AD role playing game) - Smith, Lester W
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Smith, Lester W:

Earth-Cybertech Sourcebook (2300AD role playing game) - Paperback

1989, ISBN: 9781558780149

ID: 131503791

Game Designers Workshop (GDW). Very Good. 1989. GDW 1015. Paperback. 1558780149 . Glossy cover, little wear.; "The Earth/Cybertech Source-book describes the Earth of the 24th century, from Earth's protective shell of warships that block the importation of dangerous alien organisms, to the shining towers of Libreville spaceport; from the rain-slicked pavement' of New York's alleys, to the artificial landscape of Earth's computer matrix. The Earth/Cybertech Sourcebook explains it all, with maps and diagrams that make it easy to understand. It examines all of the nations of Earth, describing what life is like for their citizens, from daily work to entertainment to travel. The maps clearly show national boundaries, major cities, and major transportation networks, giving the referee valuable aid in running adventures on Earth. Earth/Cybertech explains the cybertech revolution that is sweeping through the Earth's cities. Statistics are given for surgical, chemical, and mechanical enhancements of the body, with prices, so that player characters can get in on the leading edge of this new technological wave... Cyberspace itself is described as well, as are rules for conducting computer battles within the cyberspace matrix."; 96 pages ., Game Designers Workshop (GDW), 1989

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Details of the book

Lester Smith


Earth-Cybertech Sourcebook (Two Thousand Three Hundred Ad Series)



Details of the book - Earth-Cybertech Sourcebook (Two Thousand Three Hundred Ad Series)

EAN (ISBN-13): 9781558780149
ISBN (ISBN-10): 1558780149
Publishing year: 1989

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ISBN/EAN: 1558780149

ISBN - alternate spelling:
1-55878-014-9, 978-1-55878-014-9

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