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Headwaters Of The Mississippi - Willard Glazier
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Willard Glazier:

Headwaters Of The Mississippi - new book

ISBN: 9781410207623

Glazier, president of the American Geographical Society, explored the headwaters of the Mississippi in 1881, and claims the discovery of the true source of the Mississippi lying immediately to the south of Lake Itasca, a small lake which he humbly named Lake Glazier. This was not the case, however. A fascinating account of the exploration for the source of the Mississippi, together with views, descriptive and pictorial, of the cities, towns, villages and scenery on the banks of the river, as seen during a canoe voyage of over three thousand miles from its head waters to the Gulf of Mexico. A fascinating narrative account of Glazier's journey to the part of the river deemed nearly inaccessible by explorers. Preparation, itinerary to the journey and subsequent events are all captured in this historical account. The photographic illustrations in this volume, taken on a second expedition in 1891, by Fred J. Trost, are purportedly the first such illustrations of the Mississippi headwaters. Books Nature~~Ecosystems & Habitats~~Rivers Headwaters-of-the-Mississippi~~Willard-Glazier University Press of the Pacific

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Details of the book
Headwaters of the Mississippi

Glazier, Willard


Headwaters of the Mississippi



Details of the book - Headwaters of the Mississippi

EAN (ISBN-13): 9781410207623
ISBN (ISBN-10): 1410207625
Publisher: University Press of the Pacific

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ISBN/EAN: 1410207625

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1-4102-0762-5, 978-1-4102-0762-3

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