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Snow Caves for Fun and Survival - Ernest Wilkerson
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Ernest Wilkerson:

Snow Caves for Fun and Survival - Paperback

ISBN: 091251003X

[SR: 3959425], Paperback, [EAN: 9780912510033], North Amer Falconry & Hunting, English, English, English, North Amer Falconry & Hunting, Book, North Amer Falconry & Hunting, North Amer Falconry & Hunting, Ernest Wilkinson has spent many winter weeks outside in the Colorado mountains. His observations, based on his experience alone and with the groups he takes on cross-country tours, demonstrated to him that the methods of snow cave construction described in winter survival manuals were unsatisfactory. He accordingly developed his own techniques that save precious time and energy and increase comfort and safety. They are so effective that he no longer even carries a tent in the mountains during the winter. He gives detailed instructions for other types of snow shetlers including igloos and lean-tos. Chapters on winter safety, winter camp foods, clothing, and camp tools round out this key to outdoor winter survival and fun., 13625, Rivers, 13592, Earth Sciences, 75, Science & Math, 1000, Subjects, 283155, Books, 14484, Weather, 14459, Environment, 75, Science & Math, 1000, Subjects, 283155, Books, 491730, Earth Sciences, 468216, Science & Mathematics, 465600, New & Used Textbooks, 2349030011, Specialty Boutique, 283155, Books

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Ernest Wilkerson


Snow Caves for Fun and Survival



Details of the book - Snow Caves for Fun and Survival

ISBN (ISBN-10): 091251003X

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ISBN/EAN: 091251003X

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