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Bag Babies - Allan Stratton
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Allan Stratton:

Bag Babies - new book

ISBN: 9780887545238

This biting satire is a humorous comedy of manners - bad manners that is. Bag Babies from playwright Allan Stratton mixes poetry with prose as each character reveals their intentions and identity. The rich have turned the international foster parent's plan into a game for themselves as they attempt to brighten their image as caring people. Such underhanded trickery may go unnoticed or it may backfire badly. From homelessness and poverty to the absurdity of the rich controlled media and the notion of greed without guilt, this play tackles many serious issues in a dark, yet poignant manner. This is a great play with something to say. Allan Stratton, Books, Bag Babies Books

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Details of the book
Bag Babies: A Comedy of (Bad) Manners

Allan Stratton


Bag Babies: A Comedy of (Bad) Manners



Details of the book - Bag Babies: A Comedy of (Bad) Manners

EAN (ISBN-13): 9780887545238
ISBN (ISBN-10): 0887545238
Publisher: Playwrights Canada Press

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ISBN/EAN: 0887545238

ISBN - alternate spelling:
0-88754-523-8, 978-0-88754-523-8

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