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Biosensors for Food Analysis
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Biosensors for Food Analysis - hardcover

ISBN: 9780854047505

ID: 11274487561

Hardcover, Neubuch, 0854047506 New book. Prompt service., [PU: Royal Society of Chemistry]

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Details of the book

D.A. Scott, D.A. Scott


Biosensors for Food Analysis (Special Publication)



This work reviews the current status of research and commercial developments in the field of biosensors used for food analysis. It looks at the possibilities of biosensors for food analysis, their capacity for measurement of a range of analytes and their ability to monitor complex biochemical parameters during the production or processing of foods. It examines several opportunities for biosensor applications within the food industry supply chain, for instance to indicate the quality and seasonal variation of natural resources.

Details of the book - Biosensors for Food Analysis (Special Publication)

EAN (ISBN-13): 9780854047505
ISBN (ISBN-10): 0854047506

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ISBN/EAN: 0854047506

ISBN - alternate spelling:
0-85404-750-6, 978-0-85404-750-5

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