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The Adventist home: Counsels to Seventh-Day Adventist families (Christian home library) - Ellen Gould Harmon White
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Ellen Gould Harmon White:

The Adventist home: Counsels to Seventh-Day Adventist families (Christian home library) - hardcover

ISBN: 0828015937

[SR: 841732], Hardcover, [EAN: 9780828015936], Review and Herald Pub. Association, Review and Herald Pub. Association, Book, [PU: Review and Herald Pub. Association], Review and Herald Pub. Association, Adventist homes can be a little bit of heaven on earth, if certain basic principles are followed. Like a chart to a sailor, this volume offers a reliable guide to those sailing on the challenging sea of matrimony. Counsel is offered on many facets of home life: choosing a mate, child discipline, grandparents, holidays, hospitality, moral standards, divorce, and living with an unbelieving spouse. The author points out pitfalls to be avoided and shows how to have a happy marriage by injecting the grace of God and the priciples of Christian courtesy into every aspect of family life.Book SpecsHard BackPublisher: Review & Herald Publishing AssociationPrinted: 1980Pages: 583Table of ContentsSECTION I THE HOME BEAUTIFUL SECTION II A LIGHT IN THE COMMUNITY SECTION III CHOOSING THE LIFE PARTNER SECTION IV FACTORS THAT MAKE FOR SUCCESS OF FAILURE SECTION V FROM THE MARRIAGE ALTAR SECTION VI THE NEW HOME SECTION VII HERITAGE OF THE LORD SECTION VIII THE SUCCESSFUL FAMILY SECTION IX FATHER—THE HOUSE-BAND SECTION X MOTHER—QUEEN OF THE HOUSEHOLD SECTION XI CHILDREN—THE JUNIOR PARTNERS SECTION XII STANDARDS OF FAMILY LIVING SECTION XIII THE USE OF MONEY SECTION XIV GUARDING THE AVENUES OF THE SOUL SECTION XV GRACES THAT BRIGHTEN FAMILY LIFE SECTION XVI THE HOME AND ITS SOCIAL RELATIONSHIPS SECTION XVII RELAXATION AND RECREATION SECTION XVIII THOU SHALT BE RECOMPENSED