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The Barrier - Rex Beach
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Rex Beach:

The Barrier - hardcover

ISBN: 9780809566204

ID: 9780809566204

The Barrier Barrier~~Rex-Beach Fiction>Fiction>Fiction Hardcover, Wildside Press

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Details of the book
The Barrier

Rex Beach


The Barrier



This, then, was a day of revelations, for the first thing they beheld upon opening their packs was a pair of rubber boots for each. They were ladies' knee-boots, the smallest size in stock, but the Gales entered them bodily, so to speak, moccasins and all, clear to their hips, like the waders that duck-hunters use. When they ran they fell down and out of them, but their pride remained upright and serene, for were not these like the boots that Poleon wore, and not of Indian make, with foolish beads on them? Next, the youthful heir had found a straw hat of strange and wondrous fashion, with a brim like a board and a band of blue, which Poleon had bought from a college man who had retained this emblem of his past to the final moment. Like the boots, it was much too large for little John, and hard to master, but it made a brave display, as did a red cravat, which covered his front like a baseball catcher's harness. Molly had also two sets of side-combs, gorgeously ornamented with glass diamonds, and a silver-handled tooth-brush, with which she scrubbed the lame puppy. This puppy had three legs and the mange, and he was her particular pride.

Details of the book - The Barrier

EAN (ISBN-13): 9780809566204
ISBN (ISBN-10): 0809566206
Publisher: Wildside Press

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ISBN/EAN: 0809566206

ISBN - alternate spelling:
0-8095-6620-6, 978-0-8095-6620-4

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