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Leadership, Organizations and Culture: An Event Management Model - Smith, Peter Bevington / Peterson, Mark F.
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Smith, Peter Bevington / Peterson, Mark F.:

Leadership, Organizations and Culture: An Event Management Model - new book

ISBN: 9780803980839

"In this interesting and clearly written book, the university-based authors carefully conduct the reader through the labyrinth of theory and research on leadership. Much of the historical and current literature is reviewed, from Machiavelli to guidance of quality circles. . . The authors develop the argument that leadership research would benefit if culture--at both the national and organizational levels--were more tightly integrated into leadership theory. . . Graduate students and their teachers in organizational sociology, psychology, and management will find this a useful book." --Choice "A valuable resource not only for academic researchers but for practicing managers and professionals involved in international management and cross-cultural activities. Overall, the authors have produced a stimulating book that examines leadership and leadership research from a multidimensional approach. Their implications are critical for continued leadership research, particularly issues such as leadership training and the management of culturally diverse organizations." --Journal of Organizational Behavior "There is much to admire in this book. It is comprehensive and yet concise. . . . The literature review section contains good summaries and critiques of both original work and secondary studies which are easily digestible to non-psychologists. The material is well organized, with regular summaries of the argument and there is even the odd flash of humour. If you only read one book on leadership, read this one. . . . It will certainly provide you with a better understanding of the subtleties of the processes at work and the difficulties involved in conceptualizing them." --The Journal ofIndustrial Relations "An extremely highly organised short text. . . . It summarizes existing research in considerable detail and does it well. . . . The emphasis on the contingency approach and the cross-cultural dimension particularly impressed me. MBA students will find this book very useful...." --Journal of General Management "An extensive, thorough critique. . .. This fresh look at the theory of leadership, with its emphasis on the complex environment in which leaders operate, is highly relevant for today's managers who increasingly must operate across national and organisational cultural boundaries." --Management Education & Development "A valuable advance of thinking and research in the field of leadership studies. The reader has the sense of dealing with a lasting contribution to leadership research, rather than one that is merely popular. It is this sense that makes the effort of reading this scholarly treatise worthwhile. The theory of leadership presented in this book is attractive, comprehensive, and promising. It should be valuable to managers and researchers alike. It is an important contribution to our knowledge of leadership in an increasingly international and multicultural world, where management and Leadership, Organizations and Culture: An Event Management Model Smith, Peter Bevington / Peterson, Mark F.

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Details of the book
Leadership, Organizations and Culture: An Event Management Model

Smith, Peter Bevington / Peterson, Mark F.


Leadership, Organizations and Culture: An Event Management Model



Details of the book - Leadership, Organizations and Culture: An Event Management Model

EAN (ISBN-13): 9780803980839
ISBN (ISBN-10): 0803980833
Publisher: Sage Publications (CA)

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ISBN/EAN: 0803980833

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0-8039-8083-3, 978-0-8039-8083-9

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