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Craig and the Jaguar - Benton, Kenneth
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Benton, Kenneth:

Craig and the Jaguar - new book

ISBN: 9780802752949

In Peru, ruthless terrorists plotted to turn an isolated valley into a guerrilla haven. To blackmail the Peruvian government, they kidnapped a group of student volunteer workers, but one was the nephew of the chief of M16. Sent to investigate, special agent Peter Craig had to pit his own deadly skills against the savage cunning of the rebels in a lonely struggle for the lives of the hostages. Craig and the Jaguar Benton, Kenneth

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Details of the book
Craig and the Jaguar

Benton, Kenneth


Craig and the Jaguar



Details of the book - Craig and the Jaguar

EAN (ISBN-13): 9780802752949
ISBN (ISBN-10): 0802752942
Publisher: Walker & Company

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ISBN/EAN: 0802752942

ISBN - alternate spelling:
0-8027-5294-2, 978-0-8027-5294-9

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