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Castle Rock - Hart, Carolyn
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Hart, Carolyn:

Castle Rock - new book

ISBN: 9780786223657

Serena Mallory was attracted to Jed Shelton the first day he walked up the road to Castle Rock. But who was he? Had he really arrived at the ranch by accident? One odd incident after another deepened her suspicions. And she knew, after Uncle Dan's tragic death, that something was terribly wrong at Castle Rock. Castle Rock Hart, Carolyn

New book [USA] Betterworldbooks.com
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Details of the book
Castle Rock

Hart, Carolyn


Castle Rock



Details of the book - Castle Rock

EAN (ISBN-13): 9780786223657
ISBN (ISBN-10): 0786223650
Publisher: Five Star (ME)

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ISBN/EAN: 0786223650

ISBN - alternate spelling:
0-7862-2365-0, 978-0-7862-2365-7

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