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Stick of Blackpool Rock - Thornton, Margaret
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Thornton, Margaret:

Stick of Blackpool Rock - new book

ISBN: 9780747254133

For several years Ellen Bamber has helped her mother run a sweet stall on Preston Market. But by night she has suffered the violence of her drunken husband, tolerating his abuse for the sake of their two young children, Rachel and George. Then, following an evening's excessive drinking, William falls into the path of a hansom cab and dies, and Ellen can't help feeling that her silent prayers have been answered. But a few days after William's funeral Ellen discovers that her husband was not only violent but also unfaithful, and the knowledge of his illegitimate child tears her apart. Even when she moves her family to Blackpool and Ellen sets up in the rock-making industry and remarries she still fears that one day the legacy of William's misconduct will destroy the happiness she and her children have fought so hard to achieve Fiction Fiction eBook

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Details of the book
Stick of Blackpool Rock

Thornton, Margaret


Stick of Blackpool Rock



Details of the book - Stick of Blackpool Rock

EAN (ISBN-13): 9780747254133
ISBN (ISBN-10): 0747254133
Publisher: Headline

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ISBN/EAN: 0747254133

ISBN - alternate spelling:
0-7472-5413-3, 978-0-7472-5413-3

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