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Medieval Law in Context - Anthony Musson
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Anthony Musson:

Medieval Law in Context - hardcover

2001, ISBN: 0719054931

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Hardback, [PD: 17/05/2001], [PU: Manchester University Press], Seiten: 256, [ED: New title], This is an examination of how medieval people at all social levels thought about law, justice and politics, as well as their role in society. The author provides both a history of judicial developments in the 13th and 14th centuries and contributes to the understanding of intellectual history in the period. Each chapter focuses on a different facet of legal culture and experiences, and enables the reader to enter the realms of both perception and reality. Taken cumulatively, they combine to offer a picture of the state of legal consciousness: an ideological context in which to set the political and judicial developments that were occurring during the two centuries of tremendous social change.

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Anthony Musson


Medieval Law in Context



Offering an important new perspective on medieval political, legal, and social history in England, Anthony Musson examines how medieval people at all social levels thought about law, justice, politics, and their role in society. He provides a history of judicial developments in the 13th and 14th centuries, while interweaving within each chapter a special focus on different facets of legal culture and experience. This illuminating approach reveals a comprehensive picture of two centuries worth of tremendous social change.

Details of the book - Medieval Law in Context

ISBN (ISBN-10): 0719054931
Publishing year: 2001

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ISBN/EAN: 0719054931

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