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Loop - Joe Coomer
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Joe Coomer:

Loop - new book

ISBN: 9780571129492

Lyman, a courtesy patrolman, spends his nights maintaining the loop of highway outside of Fort Worth where his parents were killed when he was a baby. When a ninety-year old parrot arrives at his trailer one morning announcing, I'm an eagle, and That which hath wings shall tell the matter, Lyman is convinced that heeding the bird's wisdom and tracing its origins will lead him to the answers about his own past he so desperately seeks.Accompanied by Fiona, the loquacious librarian who has already decided she loves him, and her dog Floyd, Lyman heads up an investigation, and while what he ultimately discovers may do nothing to help him piece together his own past, it paves the way for a future he never anticipated. Joe Coomer, Books, Fiction and Literature, Loop Books>Fiction and Literature

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The Loop - Coomer, Joe
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Coomer, Joe:

The Loop - First edition

1992, ISBN: 0571129498

Hardcover, ID: 104886170

[EAN: 9780571129492], [PU: Faber & Faber, Boston], JOE COOMER, CHRISTINE HABERSTOCK, Fiction|Horror|Black Humor, Jacket, Coomer's fourth novel. An eccentric loner attempts to locate the original owners of a ninety-year-old parrot uttering cryptic phrases. Dust jacket illustation by Christine Haberstock. Light general wear, in rubbed dust jacket w/thin scratches to rear panel.

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Augustine Funnell Books, Fredericton, NB, Canada [14315] [Rating: 4]
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Details of the book
The Loop

Joe Coomer


The Loop



Details of the book - The Loop

EAN (ISBN-13): 9780571129492
ISBN (ISBN-10): 0571129498
Publishing year: 1992

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ISBN/EAN: 0571129498

ISBN - alternate spelling:
0-571-12949-8, 978-0-571-12949-2

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