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Jean-Jacques Rousseau and the "Well-Ordered Society" - Viroli, Maurizio
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Viroli, Maurizio:

Jean-Jacques Rousseau and the "Well-Ordered Society" - used book

ISBN: 9780521333429

ID: 1742118

This book studies a central but hitherto neglected aspect of Rousseau's political thought: the concept of social order and its implications for the ideal society which he envisages. The antithesis between order and disorder is a fundamental theme in Rousseau's work, and the author takes it as the basis for this study. In contrast with a widely held interpretation of Rousseau's philosophy, Professor Viroli argues that natural and political order are by no means the same for Rousseau. He explores the differences and interrelations between the different types of order which Rousseau describes, and shows how the philosopher constructed his final doctrine of the just society, which can be based only on every citizen's voluntary and knowing acceptance of the social contract and on the promotion of virtue above ambition. The author also shows the extent of Rousseau's debt to the republican tradition, and above all to Machiavelli, and revises the image of Rousseau as a disciple of the natural-law school. Jean-Jacques Rousseau and the Well-Ordered Society Viroli, Maurizio, Cambridge University Press

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Details of the book
Jean-Jacques Rousseau and the "Well-Ordered Society"

Viroli, Maurizio


Jean-Jacques Rousseau and the "Well-Ordered Society"



Details of the book - Jean-Jacques Rousseau and the "Well-Ordered Society"

EAN (ISBN-13): 9780521333429
ISBN (ISBN-10): 0521333423
Publisher: Cambridge University Press

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ISBN/EAN: 0521333423

ISBN - alternate spelling:
0-521-33342-3, 978-0-521-33342-9

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