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State Space and Input-Output Linear Systems - Delchamps, David F.
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Delchamps, David F.:

State Space and Input-Output Linear Systems - hardcover

ISBN: 9780387966595

[ED: Hardcover], [PU: Springer, Berlin], It is difficult for me to forget the mild sense of betrayal I felt some ten years ago when I discovered, with considerable dismay, that my two favorite books on linear system theory - Desoer's Notes for a Second Course on Linear Systems and Brockett's Finite Dimensional Linear Systems - were both out of print. Since that time, of course, linear system theory has undergone a transformation of the sort which always attends the maturation of a theory whose range of applicability is expanding in a fashion governed by technological developments and by the rate at which such advances become a part of engineering practice. The growth of the field has inspired the publication of some excellent books the encyclopedic treatises by Kailath and Chen, in particular, come immediately to mind. Nonetheless, I was inspired to write this book primarily by my practical needs as a teacher and researcher in the field. For the past five years, I have taught a one semester first year gradu ate level linear system theory course in the School of Electrical Engineering at Cornell. The members of the class have always come from a variety of departments and backgrounds, and con sequently have entered the class with levels of preparation ranging from first year calculus and a taste of transform theory on the one extreme to senior level real analysis and abstract algebra on the other.x, 425 S. 12 figs. X, 425 pages. 242 mmVersandfertig in über 4 Wochen, [SC: 0.00]

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