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Fattitudes - Wilbert, Jeffrey R. / Wilbert, Norean / Wilbert, Norean K.
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Wilbert, Jeffrey R. / Wilbert, Norean / Wilbert, Norean K.:

Fattitudes - new book

ISBN: 9780312251918

Do you keep looking for the perfect quick fix diet -- that you'll start tomorrow? Does food help you feel better when you have a tough day? Do you feel that you're too busy to exercise? If these diet excuses sound familiar, Dr. Jeffrey Wilbert and his wife Norean are here to wake you up to the news of "Fattitudes" -- hidden fat attitudes that keep us from achieving our weight-loss goals. Jeffrey and Norean Wilbert, a couple with real-life and professional experience in the battle with fattitudes and in Jeffrey's groundbreaking weight-loss practice, will share ways to overcome a diet-mentality and the emotional, psychological, and fitness fattitudes you may be experiencing or your loved ones may be sending your way. This groundbreaking book will place you on the path to winning your war with weight...for life. Fattitudes Wilbert, Jeffrey R. / Wilbert, Norean / Wilbert, Norean K.

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