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General Engineering Science in SI Units - Hiller, N.; Marr, G. W.
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Hiller, N.; Marr, G. W.:

General Engineering Science in SI Units - new book

ISBN: 9780080158075

General Engineering Science in SI Units, Volume 2 focuses on engineering science. The volume first offers information on concurrent forces, including calculation of the resultant of two mutually perpendicular forces; equilibrium of a system of coplanar, concurrent forces; resolution and notation of forces; and equilibrium on a smooth inclined plane. The text then discusses velocity and acceleration. Topics include average velocity during uniformly accelerated motion; compounding and resolution of velocities; relative and angular velocities; and the relation of angular and linear velocities. The book takes a look at force and motion, power and energy, and strength of materials, including Newton's laws of motion, mass and inertia, power, efficiency, torque, elasticity, and ultimate strength. The volume also touches on heat and electricity. Topics include coefficient of cubical expansion of solids and liquids; maximum density of water; electromotive force and potential difference; and effect of temperature change on resistance. Electromagnetism and electronic induction are also discussed. The text is a primary reference for readers interested in engineering science. Technology Technology eBook

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Details of the book
General Engineering Science in SI Units

Hiller, N.; Marr, G. W.


General Engineering Science in SI Units



Details of the book - General Engineering Science in SI Units

EAN (ISBN-13): 9780080158075
ISBN (ISBN-10): 0080158072
Publisher: Elsevier Science

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ISBN/EAN: 0080158072

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0-08-015807-2, 978-0-08-015807-5

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