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Optimizing Op Amp Performance - Graeme, Jerald E.
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Graeme, Jerald E.:

Optimizing Op Amp Performance - new book

ISBN: 9780070245228

A new approach for maximizing op amp behavior in circuit designs- without extensive mathematical analysis This guide from one of the world's leading op amp designers takes you through the causes of op amp performance problems- such as oscillations, errors, bandwidth limitations, noise, and distortion - and shows you how to develop simple models and design equations that lead to optimal results. You'll find detailed solutions for feedback conditions; power supply bypass; phase compensation; reducing radiated interference; and measuring distortion. Combining intuitive and mathematical evaluations, this get-it-done tool packs varied examples that enable you to optimize a range of performance characteristics. Optimizing Op Amp Performance Graeme, Jerald E.

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Details of the book
Optimizing Op Amp Performance

Graeme, Jerald E.


Optimizing Op Amp Performance



Details of the book - Optimizing Op Amp Performance

EAN (ISBN-13): 9780070245228
ISBN (ISBN-10): 0070245223
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing

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ISBN/EAN: 0070245223

ISBN - alternate spelling:
0-07-024522-3, 978-0-07-024522-8

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